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Crispy Delight

Guezli Remember to stock your pantry with these unforgettable cookies baked by HUG - Willisau Ringli, Chräbeli (anise cookies), or Nuss-Stängeli (nutty sticks). If you are into light snacks, we have just the right thing for you - the Leckerli bar called FREE, which is the first truly fat-FREE bar!

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HUG Cheese cocktail biscuits

Light & delicate cookies with an aromatic cheese flavor. They are baked in a waffle iron with the traditional bricelet pattern. Serve with cocktails & relish their unique consistency.

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HUG Caraway cocktail biscuits

Aromatic caraway seeds add a crispy note to these cocktail cookies. Enjoy the golden yellow radiance of these thin waffles with the traditional bricelet pattern.

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HUG Sesame cocktail biscuits

Exquisite sesame seeds add a delicate touch to these cookies. Light and soft, everyone will love them with cocktails.

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HUG Crisp cookies mixed

The favorite four HUG cookies in a bag: nut heart cookies, nut ring cookies, almond cookies and Schocos. In this bag everyone will find his personal favorite!

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HUG Crema

This filled mini gingerbread with light cream filling melting on your tongue and a light orange/lemon flavor is one of the traditonal specialties of the house of HUG.

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HUG Nut heart cookies

The buttery tender hazelnut flavor of this crisp specialty from Lucerne will conquer every heart. Our Nussherzli has been a part of the product range of HUG for many years.

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HUG Nut stick cookies

Lightly taosted hazelnuts, with glucose and eggs from natural chicken husbandry make these hazelnut sticks a very popular crunchy delight.

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HUG Biscuits Willisauer-Ringli mini CNp

The traditional specialty from Willisau, baked in our plant in Willisau. Organic.

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HUG Biscuits original Willisauer Ringli

The traditional specialty from Willisau, baked in our plant in Willisau according to the original recipe.

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